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Transport Tycoon Deluxe


If there is something to say about TTD, it is the existence of this patch! I see this patch as a must-have add-on to the game, because of all its features.

Few examples: Windows 2000/XP support (for Windows 95 version of the game), support for adding vehicles, bigger stations construction, mixing rail/monorail/maglev, more realistic acceleration, increase of total amount of vehicles, build on slopes, etc.

All these new options can be configured with a text file. Here is for example the one that I use (made for Windows version 2.0 of the patch).

You can find TTDPatch on Do not hesitate to test the "beta" or "under development" versions instead of the "stable" version, that allows sometimes to have few extra features. I recommend that you take some time to read the manual and configure each option before you start playing.


When I'll have few time I'll add info about this, but I already put the link:, and I add that the files created by my program (here bellow) work also with OpenTTD.

TTD Names Generator

In the first release of Transport Tycoon, vehicles had real names. In the Deluxe version, names have been replaced by fictitious names, but an option has been added : vehicles can be renamed, these names are stored in a VEHICLES.DAT file. I made a file with real names, you can get it here (place this file in the game's folder, and select the option "Custom names" after having started a new game).

Unfortunately, this names customization system is not compatible with the addition of new vehicles via TTDPatch. New vehicles are in .GRF files and are loaded before VEHICLES.DAT. This one does not make any difference between 4 climates, so there are conflicts in extra vehicles' names.

With features added in TTDPatch 2.0, thanks to Marcin Grzegorczyk and Michael Blunck's advice, and Joseph Drexler's documentation and codec, I made a small program allowing me to generate .GRF files to overwrite default vehicles names (and also names of new added vehicles if I do not like them).

You can download it here: (284 KB, includes source code licensed under GPL, for Delphi 7) - Screenshot

Its use is simple (well, not really):

  • Select a .NFO file (a new file will be created if selected name does not exist)
  • Modify its data (to know names order, use for example the list displayed by TTDAlter, I'll make something more user-friendly later)
  • Save it ("Save NFO")
  • Click "Make GRF" after having specified in whitch folder GRFCodec is located
  • A .GRF file will be created in the same folder than the .NFO, you just have to put it in the game the same way than the other .GRF files, i.e. by adding its name in the newgrfw.cfg file and by having activated the option "loadallgraphics"
  • In the game, in old saved games, old names may still appear. Put a sign and enter Cht: ResetVehicles, this will reload vehicle information.

Sample files : Names for "Temperate" climate, Names for "Arctic" climate, Names for "Tropic" climate.


Long time ago, I made icons representing all the vehicles, from screen shots. There are 165 icons, in several .icl files, compressed in a .zip file: (40 KB)

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