My apartment II

Date: started in November 2017, finished in February 2018, last updated in August 2019

A few years ago I made a replica of my apartment.

In summer 2017 I moved to a new place. So shortly after, once I started to settle in, I dismantled the previous construction and started a new one.

The final result is displayed in the same coffee table as the previous one:

The new apartment is longer, narrower, and on two levels, but fortunately it just fits in the old table.

The upper level is under the roof, so it is much smaller than the lower level.

This build was faster than the first one, since I had more experience, and I could re-use a lot of furniture.

Here is the blueprint of the new apartment:

Lower level:

Upper level:

What the building looks like:

(my apartment is the one with the recessed balcony, in the middle of the picture)

This building is just across the street of the previous one (I did not move very far away), and was previously made in microscale version.

Living room:

The door was repainted after I took the original photo, and it has already been updated in the Lego version.



Lego room:

Office room:

And here is a photo of the carpet that does not appear in the above photos.

Hallway and stairs:

(and also the WC for the Lego version)



Extra room:

Where I've put some extra stuff as well as many empty boxes waiting there.

Shower/laundry room:

This is of course a neverending project (until I move to somewhere else). There are still a few details to improve (requiring to acquire other parts) and of course reflecting changes done in the real world.

A few months later I repainted the WC. The new color was choosen amongst those available in Lego:

For technical reasons (availability of parts and the fact that one wall in my MOC was thinner), two of the walls were painted in white and two in light aqua:

In August 2019 I updated the MOC to reflect the fact that I'm not alone any more in my apartment. On weekends, my girlfriend is also there (and her son half of the time), so I added the corresponding minifigures:

I also updated the extra room that we converted to a second bedroom in June:

If you want to see more, you can find some work-in-progress photos and additional details about the construction on the following forum threads:

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