My apartment

Date: started in November 2013, finished in November 2014, last updated in May 2016

In late 2013 I started to build with Lego bricks a replica of my apartment.

Originally, it was just a temporary build like the others I made.

But in the end, I decided to keep it and display it in my living room, under the glass of a new coffee table that replaced my old one:

Here is the blueprint of the apartment:

What the building looks like:

(my apartment is on the corner on the right, with one of the two red-brick "column")

This page will be updated from time to time when the model will be modified for improvements or to reflect changes made to the real apartment, or when I will make better photos.

2016 update at the end of the page.


Living room:

Kitchen area:


Office/storage room:



(I haven't yet made a photo of the real one)

Laundry/utility room:

The washing machine can be seen on the picture of the office/storage room posted above.

2016 update: last year I moved all the Lego stuff from the bedroom to the office/storage room to change it to a office/lego room:

So I moved all the CDs and DVDs to the bedroom, where Lego were previously stored:

In the bedroom, I also replaced the combination of transparent window + aluminum foil by the "mirror" part that was introduced in the "10246 Detective's Office" set.

If you want to see more, you can find many work-in-progress photos, details of the furniture and comments about the construction on the following forum threads:

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