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Ant Movie Catalog

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Ant Movie Catalog is a free (really free, i.e. the source code is available) program made to manage your collection of movies on DVD, CD (VideoCD, DivX, ...) and tapes.
The project was started by Antoine Potten in 2000, and improved by MickaŰl Vanneufville since 2011.

Browse the links above this text to get more information and download the program.

Presentation video made by Willie:

If you use GNU/Linux rather than Windows, you can try to use WinE to get this program running; some people notified me that this was working. You can also check Moviefly, which is a complete rewrite of Ant Movie Catalog made with Python.

If you search for a program to catalog other things such as books, audio CDs or games, I recommend to check the "Mods" section of the forum where you'll find modified versions of Ant Movie Catalog.

If you want to make a donation, you can do it with a Paypal account or a credit card by clicking the picture here bellow:



You can subscribe to be notified by e-mail when a new version of Ant Movie Catalog has been released. You just have to enter your e-mail address in the following field; a link will be sent to you to validate the subscription.

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