Long-lost: Rock Raiders

Date: April 2023

BrickPirate organized a challenge "Long-lost" where particpants had to recreate sets among three forgotten themes. See this thread for rules (in French) and participating entries.

I chose the Rock Raiders series. I never had any set from that series, but I found it interesting, partially because it was the main source for a few teal colored parts before Lego started to re-use that color a few years ago.

4920: Rapid Rider

As first entry I chose this small set (see the original set), as a first try, with a small vehicles on skis:

I used the same metapart as basis (which I only had in dark grey). For the minifig, I didn't had anything very similar so I did as close as I could:

4990: The Rock Raiders HQ

For the second one, I chose something bigger (see the original set), as I like making buildings and vehicles with wheels this one seemed good.

I hesitated between that and a big vehicle, but as all other entries were vehicles this one brought some diversity.

There is a light flying vehicle and a wheeled vehicle which I made bigger than the original.

Due to lack of time and ideas I did not include the creature (which someone else did very well).

The original set is a little strange, I'm not sure what is the role of the thing in the middle of the base. The crane loads things in it (and its operator was a little too much exposed to radiations since all that time)...

... then we can slide it and drop all in the vehicle, but why? It does not matter, I replicated this feature:

I added a small warehouse for storage under the cannon:

About that cannon, I've put a light brick in it, but it was probably working much better with the original part from the set as the current Lego light bricks are not very powerful:

The crane is a little inspired by the set 6541: Intercoastal Seaport.

Under it, a control room:

Other views:

I started with the baseplate (obviously), and as I did not had the one from the set I had to brick-build it:

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