Pimp my Train ft. Maersk

Date: February 2022

BrickPirate organized a challenge named "Pimp My LEGO Set", where a non-flying set had to be converted into a flying vehicle. See this thread for rules (in French) and participating entries.

I choose the Maersk train for that.

By working together with the M:Tron company providing qualified workforce, Maersk could expand their transport activities.

This train was the first idea coming to my mind. I also thought about cars or trucks, but I thought that it was more original with this firt idea.

As I had a second copy of that set that I bought back then to have more wagons, I also still had extra parts in Maersk-blue in my stock (from the train engine). I could use these for a few details on the engines and other additions. It is not the color with the most available parts.

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