Modular Tower

Date: December 2011 (lower levels made two years before)

The aim was to build the highest possible tower, using the same ground size as the modular buildings. As you can see, the tower fits well between two official buildings:

It only goes a little higher...

The limit for the tower was the ceiling of my apartment, i.e. 2.5m (about 8.2ft)

By comparison, I am 1.74m tall (about 5.7ft)

You'd better not have fear of highs with such tower.

In early stages of building, an accident occurred, partially due to my two cats:

Fortunately, I could quite easily rebuild the tower (which was still quite small at that time), and after that I was more careful. Also, I only added flowers to balconies only at the end, as one of my cats (the white one, seen on the picture) was all the time trying to steal them.

Many level have no style link between them, this tower was also a lot for testing various ideas. Unlike usual modular buildings, the back is open (I only built two of the four walls) and not all levels are separated (mostly due to a lack of tiles). But it can be split in several parts (which was anyway required for building and move it).

Ground level is a bank:

One side features ATM machine, other side a garage entrance.

A double medieval level:

The following purple level is build using parts from the 4755 "Knight Bus" set (for visible parts, as the hidden ones are common blue parts).

The next level was made exclusively using parts from the 5766 "Log Cabin" set:

This level was the most annoying one:

It is the most fragile. I broke it a few time, including one time while moving the tower for taking pictures. And it is only after having taken the pictures that I saw that the wall on the right side is not properly aligned.

Also, my cat (still the white one) destroyed it several times by trying to grab the parts of the balcony.

The rear side of the roof was made more pretty than the rest of the back of the building:

I included some views of the back, of the potentially interesting levels.

The following one is the one with all the small 1x1 tiles; I made it because I wanted to use the numerous "headlight bricks" that I had in blue & stone colors:

And here is a flashback picture, a tower I made in the 80s. At that time I had much less parts, but I didn't try to make it as high as possible either...

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