Mad Max's truck

Date: June 2018

This MOC was made for a challenge on the Lego thread of forum; the team was "vehicle from 80s movie or TV series".

I first thought about one of the main cars from the first movie, but it from late 70s, so just outside of the theme, and already done a lot in Lego. However I didn't find MOCs of this truck after a quick search.

In the movie, Max drives a 1973 Mack R-Series found abandoned on the road. There is a first chase when he brings back the truck safe to the oil refinery, this is the version that I reproduced here. Later the truck is armoured and used to haul a tank trailer out of there.

I thought about doing also that second version, but I abandoned due to lack of time (for the trailer) and inspiration (for the reinforced front of the truck).

Here are a few captures from the movie for comparison:

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