Knight Train

Date: September 2016

This train was made for a challenge organized on the Lego thread of the forum. For some time I had the idea of making a purple train for re-using the large amount of purple train windows from the Knight Bus sets, this was a good opportunity.

As I kept the Harry Potter theme, I picked an English train engine, so this one is based on a Brush BR60 (British Rail Class 60).

On Wikipedia you'll find a few pictures; the 60024 et 60054 were used as basis for the front.

The first passenger car, quite basic, is derived from the 4558 Metroliner set. The second one is just a re-color of the 4547 Club Car set.

Using the same beds style as the original set, but with pillows from the Knight Bus :D

Then there is a fret wagon, including the Ford Anglia from the movie:

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