Walibrick Studpark Resort: Duck Fishing

Date: August 2023

BrickPirate organized a challenge "Walibrick Studpark Resort" where particpants had to create a theme park attraction or stand. See this thread for rules (in French) and participating entries.

As I had a bunch of small yellow ducks from a bulk order, I had the idea of making a duck fishing stand. Later when re-reading the rules of the contest I saw that it was one of the examples given, so it seems that my idea was not so original.

Due to lack of time (as usual) I only made a small stand like this rather than a big attraction.

I did not include threads on the fishing rods, as I was not sure if non-Lego thread could be used.

The mascot on the roof is maybe not very graceful but at least the stand can be seen from far away :D

Some time after posting my entry for the contest, I thought that the basis was not pretty enough. I built without knowing the final size on so I used an assembly of baseplates; it did not look very good. I waited the end of voting to update my entry (to avoid influencing votes, as the deadline for new entries was passed). Here is the second version:

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