A Catastrophic Christmas

Date: January 2024

BrickPirate organized a challenge "A Catastrophic Christmas" where particpants had to create a Christmas-themed scene but with a catastrophic twist. See this thread for rules (in French) and participating entries.

Failure to give way ("Refus de priorité")

What happens when Santa uses the road rather than the sky as he usually does? Ignorance of road safety rules can play tricks on you...

As usual, I started too late so I laked time, I could not add as much details as I wanted.

Reindeer's reins went loose ("Les rênes des rennes ont lâché")

This was my second entry in the contest, as my girlfriend found that my first idea was crap 😅

The reins of the reins went loose, the sleigh ended in the roof of a family house whose inhabitants were quite surprised.

Fortunately the owner of the house has a big ladder and can come helping Santa.

Traveling via the sky is not so safe either.

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