Limousine replacement for 10232 Palace Cinema

Date: June 2015

Like many people, I didn't like the limousine provided with the set 10232 Palace Cinema.

The weels seemed so small in the big arches, and the door were really too small (in height). For reference, here is a picture of the original car included in the set.

My version was heavily inspired by the model posted on this thread on Eurobricks: Palace Limo 5-wide & 6-wide Mod by Missing Brick.

A big difference is the choice of wheels, as I wanted to use the chrome wheels I bought from ChromeBricks. Because of these, I could not find a way to properly use the round arches like what was done on that other MOD: the wheels are attached using a different part. There are parts allowing to use such wheels properly with the arches for 4-wide vehicle, but not for 6-wide; so I had to use another system.

Also, I didn't have black 1x3x2 doors (and they are not so common), so I used tiles, handles and clips.

I kept the original car length. The reduced arches length allowed to have four doors instead of only two. For practical reason, the rear doors open in the other way, like on the 1961-1969 Lincoln Continental, a well known 4-door convertible limousine.

This is just a first try, I'll maybe modify it later.
At least this one does not hurt my eyes each time I look at my modular building shelf :)

Here is the LXF file for LDD.

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